As fashion design emerges as a community and ascends globally, a KULTURE KLUB is developing and rapidly replacing the Culture Clash of the past with complete abandon. Social media, fashion blogging, and the interest in nurturing emerging talent universally has contributed to the rise of designers across the world. Fashion Universities are also gaining recognition from Accademia Italiana Arte, Mode e Design in Italy to Aalto University in Finland. With other top notch universities in Israel, Switzerland, South Korea, Japan and China. Designers, especially emerging designers are expressing their attraction to, and inspiration for foreign culture. Elina Maattanen of Finland combines military, native American Indian and Japanese influences into snuggly coat/blankets. Nabil Nayal UK, combines his native Syrian prints with English craftsmanship. By contrasting traditional elegance with colorful Javanese prints, menswear designer brand Dent De Man, UK pushes boundaries with peacock splendor.

There are also big statements being made by designers embracing their own diverse cultures. Stella Jean brings her Haitian/African hertige to the Milan runway. Even Marc Jacobs showed his altruism with a collection inspired by Americana brash

Finally, as a world of diverse people we now have the Liberty to accept ourselves and our cultures as we are, embrace it, and WEAR IT!.....on our sleeves, skirts, jackets, hems, dresses, pants, shoes........................