From COURAGE to Divinity

The Path to Divinity is lined with COURAGE

amor caritas.jpg

What is divinity? Is it some unseen hidden place, lolling around in the outer limits of the cosmos? Or is it fulfillment of the creative soul here on earth, physically tangible and attainable?

Divinity is most often referred to as a spiritual source or an elevated state of being, something reverent and elusive....a spiritual existence. But to connect with our true purpose right here, right now. To be courageous enough to seek it out. To lay down our fears and trepidation. To dwell within the spiritual, higher conscious part of our physical creative being is perhaps were divinity can be discovered.

path to divinity.PNG

The path is dotted with parts of courage, trust, and risk. An invitation for abandonment of comfort and a serious bent for adventure becomes willfully invited. So let's go! Take flight, abandon yourself of control or limitations. Fill your backpack with pencils, markers, trust, and a healthy dose of risk. Adventure is awaiting. Oh and don't forget your jar. To be to be filled with all the moon beams you'll discover and want to carry home.