A Courage to Love

All Cultures are Fashionably BEAUTIFUL!

All Cultures are Fashionably BEAUTIFUL!

My original blog [ http://www.jamiepesavento.com/blog/ ] addressing prejudice and the Islamic culture was written in June 2016, pre-election of Trump. Little did I know that the message from that blog would be more relevant today than back then. The need to revisit the message is quite clear to me. With the advent of increasing internal prejudice how do we uphold the premise that this country is a land of the free? A country manuscripted, word by word and built, brick by brick by foreigners...IMMIGRANTS. Diverse cultures sewn together to create a beautifully textured society. Our national goal is more LOVE and NO hate within our beautiful democracy. Unreasonable restrictions and bans placed upon our society limits exchange of ideas and growth, creatively or otherwise. With all this unnerving animosity within our country and toward our people, we the free people have an obligation to choose LOVE. It's DE RIGUEUR. 

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