Fashions backlash

'tis the season to pushback🙌🏽


There may be conservatism in our administration and pervading the US, as well as our European allies. However, fashion, as a result of this, is proving to have an immediate and widely acclaimed backlash‼️ The conservative norm has flown out the window on the wings of ostentatiously embellished coats, suits, jackets and dresses. It has been kicked to the curbside in overstuffed silk sleeping bags, pillows or rolled-up satin yoga mats. It is being overshadowed by dressed up jihabs, helmet cloches, Fred and Wilma Flintstone chic and rhinestoned facial masks. It has been talked over by complete and utter silence and cut-up and dissected showing it's guts and blood. All in the name of FREEDOM. " Hail to the Chief ".