This morning I am aware of this emotional, physical, and spiritual pain and I honestly think the pain is coming from a negative voice that’s condemning me. A voice that’s saying you’re stupid, you can’t do it, it’s silly. A reprimanding voice that’s even saying “ Jamie don’t like Jamie “!  Wow, this is a huge battle. The negative voice doesn’t want me to experience joy. The negative voice doesn’t want me to be happy. The negative voice wants to keep me on the edge, not trusting that God is here and is in charge. The negative voice is talking louder and talking over the voice of God and serenity - Shut Up! You’re a stupid childish silly voice nobody likes and nobody cares about.....breathe. I only have one source to follow, believe in and listen to. God is the source. When I do things, creative things that bring joy into my world and joy into the lives of others then I’m doing God‘s will. The infernal enemy will always be around but that doesn’t mean I give my attention to it. My spiritual source can help me with the awareness of the enemy’s presence and my higher spiritual consciousness can give me courage and strength to say no -Shut Up! And I know, in my heart, the truth of God. You Can Do It! Namaste.