Gracefully Jumbled Joy


Gracefully allow God‘s direction. Gracefully  allowing, like the cool spring breeze of this morning. Gracefully allowing, like being wrapped up in the cozy blanket. Gracefully allowing.....stretching like a ballerina, easy, sway, rhythm, whole stretch. Gracefully allowing, like my pen gliding down this smooth white paper. Gracefully allowing, like saying thank you God for peace, light, hope, breath, freedom, love, creativity, thought, feeling, beauty, and openess. My being open to receive. My being open to give. I am at ease, I am in acceptance.

 Love of just being. Love of the way things are, gracefully jumbled up like a ball of yarn knotted together with golden threads, intertwined with gold and pink diamonds. Gracefully jumbled up ball of creative thought, being and love.