Heaven on Earth

There are two very instrumental words that I find beneficial in promoting well-being. Those two words are gentle and calm. Gentle and calm are two words that were never part of my vocabulary or experienced in my earlier life. Gentle was always replaced with strife, pushing and bullying. The word calm was not a familiar noun, adjective or verb. It was replaced with yelling, arguing and running scared. Scared internally as a child. Living a frightened life. Always on the lookout for the next perpetrator and yet there was this creative, sparkly belief in magic. Some creative dream or thought that had held my hand and wrapped me up in the saving grace of creativity. My fantasy world protected me or at least gave me the calm and gentle bubble which protected my spirit and probably my life. Coloring books, crayons, dolls to dress up, superheroines drawn under cover, in secret, locked in the bathroom. Always searching for a secret place of solitude in which I could enter the world of my creativity. It was more than just a world of creativity, however. It was a saving grace. It was my savior and protection. It allowed my spirit to thrive and heal. It gave me that gentleness and calm absent from the outside world. I now realize it was God’s sanctuary. And today, it remains my Heaven on earth. Namaste.