Discipline is a wonderful virtue. If used properly it can become the main focus of your self-care. Those things which are good for you, which can balance you out. Those things which can ground you and bring serenity into your life. In the past you may have, like I, ignored  discipline. Swept it under the carpet. Maybe that’s because, you like I, thought that we were the leader in this journey through life?? That we had all the power and answers, remedies and solutions? Those days are gone and have been replaced by a loving source who knows what’s best. Development of healthy discipline is a consertive effort between your higher source and you. One’s higher source has direction and guidance and we must also realize that we have a voice as to say what makes us feel good, what we desire. Those things which will bring serenity, joy and humility into our lives, beings and souls. Through this enlightened awareness, your inner synchronization of emotion, physical and spiritual has probably been recalibrated. In order to sustain and support this new configuration of well being there must be certain disciplines set in place. These are guideposts, like downhill skiers have their markers to keep them in alignment, we also must develop these guide posts to to aid us in our well-being. Discipline now he’s been transformed from being hard, obedient, correctional, like a guard dog, into something more gentile. Like the palm trees that sway in the breeze. Namaste.