The purpose of time

What is the purpose of time? When we are involved in something we are passionate about, totally in touch with that moment, this is where and when the true purpose of time is being revealed. Allowing oneself to become totally immersed in each second and valueing the moments will expand your understanding and gratitude of time. For me, when I am drawing patiently and extremely slowly I am graced by the essence of time. It envelops me like a gentle embrace. In the past it was always a hurried choice that I selected, thinking time was something to be beaten, an opponent, something that I am at odds with, rather than a loving friend. Only now has it’s value become evident. In my soul and being there is a feeling that I’m making good use of my time. The purpose of time is an opportunity to discover and identify those things in your life which you choose to do because they have the potential to reveal the true you. When time is used appropriately one can discover their true authenticity. Using one’s time wisely  becomes an act of prayer. We will have discovered a new way of praying. Namaste