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So many ways to draw, so little time

" Express yourself " MADONNA

Fashioning with compasses and rulers

Fashioning with compasses and rulers

Before I learned how to draw freehand, and because there was an underlying, burning creativity wishing to be realized, the use of compasses and rulers proved to be most vital in lending themselves as reliable and cherished tools. They allowed and encouraged that inspiration to come forth. So don't believe that inner voice that's telling you you can't draw because you have no freehand skills. Take up the nearest ruler, compass and T-square, work those circles, semi-circles and squares, and let that imagination soar🏹.

Playing with Fire🔥

The color red makes bold statements particularly in evening gowns. Combined with intricate draping it can resemble fiery embers and shooting flames. But unlike the campfires from your Boy Scout or Girl Scout days which meant to keep you warm, this fiery pit has the intention of attracting all moths to the FLAME!


like a moth to a flame